I manage a lot of Apple Caching Servers. I have a fully automated build process for them, however I have come across the need to manage the email notifications for these servers. For example some times the person who receives the emails about events or notifications has moved on and we need to remove their address and add someone else.

Unfortunately Apple does not make a tool that can do this in a scriptable or automated fashion.

Thats where this tool comes in. It can create and modify the alertData.db that stores these email addresses.

It allows you to create the database if it doesn’t already exist. It also allows you to add, remove and list all the currently configured email accounts in the database.

Huge shout out to the one they call @mosen and the one they call @carl for all their help with this as this has been my first Python project and I’ve had to ask so many dumb questions. Thanks guys appreciate the help!

I’m sure my code is absolutely horrid, but YOLO it works. Its on Github here:

Pull Requests greatly appreciated!


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